True story: Everybody's Favorite Shiba Inu has turned me, however improbably, into a dog person. Which makes things get a little misty when I read something like this.

Also a true story: when I was dating my now-fiancee, she took Everybody's Favorite Shiba Inu to get a teeth cleaning and have a dead tooth extracted; the dog was pretty out of it when she got home. That evening, I came over, and was surprised that she neither barked at me nor came over to greet me at the door (it was the phase where she was transitioning between the two forms of greeting). She didn't because she couldn't: she had barely been able to get herself on the couch, despite my then-girlfriend trying to keep her from attempting. When I came over to the couch, she lifted up her head a little, and wagged her tail two or three times, very slowly. This was, I was told, the first time she had wagged her tail all day. That's the point where I knew I had been accepted.

In summary: dogs are the best. My condolences to the Munger family.

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