Adventures in Cultural Consumption, A Parable edition:

Pulp Fiction: My understanding is that this movie, when it came out, attained fame because of the distinctive elements of its director's metier: camera tricks, characterization, pop culture nostalgia (the 90s which loved the 70s which loved the 50s), the hacked-up storyline. None of these elements are remotely new anymore: some have been widely copied, some dulled by repeated (or superior) instances within Tarantino's body of work. All of that gone, the only thing that remains is a good film, which I watched again last night and enjoyed as I have enjoyed it many times before.

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FLG said...

I watched it again recently as well, and I called it a very good film in so far as pure movie watching experience goes.

But, at least for me, Pulp Fiction is in the second rung of influential films. Below Birth of a Nation, Citizen Kane, etc, but on par with some of the better Polanski, Scorsese,
Kubrick, Leone, and Felini films.