HIATUS: So this feels much more like the end than graduation did. Tomorrow's my last day at my job (which is turning slightly less joyful since they've expressed the fact they'll be sad to see me go, and they actually seem to mean it), and I have a frantic weekend of whatevs.org-style insanity planned with several of my friends (including the fabulous Lauren Orr and OGIW), and then preparations for my trip to Europe (with the even fabulouser Camille Constantin). Any time in the next week when I might be blogging should probably rather be spent doing the previous stuff, or hunting for a decent couch (lest Joel and Ali kill me).

Updates from Europe are possible, but I'm not assuming internet access.

Which is to say (except for the dozen times in the next week I'll violate this) that I'll be back in about three weeks, with lots of stories to tell about my travels.

But fear not, gentle reader--Sara Butler is back.

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