VIOLATION OF THE BLOG HIATUS #1: simply disgusting, indeed: Crooked Timberite makes what would be a specious allegation even if the substance of the post were true (have these people never heard of letters*#? Or is it the case that evangelical Christians by their very nature support violence against those who disagree with them), but much more egregiously makes the same allegation without bothering to peruse the actualy supposed offensive source in question so as to, you know, potentially verify what he's saying before going off half-cocked.

And shame, also, on the commenters, who seem to have ignored the first two comments which suggest (on the basis of having done actual research) that the post approvingly mentioned is actually, on substance, wrong (or not obviously right). But then again, it'd be a shame to get in the way of massive self-righteousness, no?

*rather like an old form of e-mail, except addressed to people's houses, and written on paper.

#and you can't claim, I don't think, that it's the mere publication of someone's address that leads automatically to the potential for violence: otherwise, the telephone book people would have a lot to answer for. You can only make that assumption if you think there's something uniquely wrong about the people involved.

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