I read Phoebe's review of Tiny Furniture with some interest, and I finally-for-real think I have solved my Lena Dunham problem, because the description of the movie made it sound a lot like Kicking and Screaming, but for women. Dunham as the functional equivalent of Noah Baumbach seems about right: talented, certainly; avid chronicler of a certain demographic slice, but only that demographic slice*; occasionally over-cute or insufferable. Baumbach is someone whose work I have no particular interest in but no desire to interact with: he's not worth hating even if the praise directed his way is occasionally unmerited.

*Not, as an avid chronicler of another certain demographic slice would say, that there's anything wrong with that, but it does put a limit on the appeal of the work. The same goes for, oh, Saul Bellow, or J.D. Salinger, or David Foster Wallace: all things where it's possible to have good and serious taste and still not really be into.

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