"Thou shalt not extinguish thine anger, but shall master it, that thy conscience may not be blunted by adjustment to wrong causes."
-The Dutch Ten Commandments to Foil the Nazis


Random observation: For some reason, IKEA (which I visited for the first time today) reminds me of nothing so much as a Jorge Luis Borges story. I'm tempted to say "Blue Tigers," but I think "Funes, His Memory" might work, too.

I'm also a bit lost as to the store's intended market (aside from 'trapped people who just want to get out already'), since everything appeared to be marginally-to-more-than-marginally more expensive than, say, Target, with no appreciable uptick in quality and an unappealing uniformity in style.



At 11:10 am, Blogger Katherine said...

I have NEVER understood the appeal of IKEA.


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