So I'm listening to Double Nickels on the Dime, since my conversion of all my cds to mp3s (finally) revealed I still owned the album, because I am aware that the Minutemen were George Wendt's favorite band, and I assume Norm from Cheers must've known his music, and because the commute means I now have time to listen to a number of things I had put off for awhile (I've owned this album since 10th grade). It's interesting in its way: short songs with overt political messages and excellent, ironic lyrical twists (or bizarre: "Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing" contains the line "Organizing the Boy Scouts for murder is wrong," which is genius, if of a deranged variety).

And then I get to "Corona." And attempt to figure out how this song, which I definitely recognize from the first five seconds of MTV's "Jackass" before I could change the channel, could be associated with something so... stupid. The answer appears to be murky. But those lyrics...

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