Adventures in Commuting, Part One of a Series That Will Have Too Many Parts:

All this time, I was worried about navigating the highways of Chicagoland, and it turns out that's not a problem at all: it's not that far of a distance, and even when the highway goes slow (and I caught the end of rush hour), it still goes. No, the problem will be navigating the six miles between the house I'm staying at and the highway. It took me 30 minutes to make it through an intersection this morning, because the intersection also had train tracks, and there were (long) freight trains running every 15 minutes. The return trip was the same.

General resolves/commuting lessons: must wake up earlier. Leaving five minutes after you wanted to get out the door and not having anything for breakfast is a recipe for spending more money 90 minutes or so later, after you've had the coffee you have to have because you're operating a large piece of machinery, and are hungry and cranky from the drive and amped up on caffeine. This will require some tweaking.

Related: what's the best place to get coffee in Hyde Park? Potential answer: the cafe that is in the basement of the building connected to mine, which would be approximately 3 minutes to walk. But ISO better answers.

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