VIOLATION OF THE BLOG HIATUS #4: Lesser men (and by that, I mean "smarter men") would be tempted to view the near-Biblical deluge that appeared as I attempted to buy a voltage converter (none of them, it seems, will work for the only electricity-powered thing I'm bringing) as a bad omen for the trip to come (I head for the airport in about an hour). I am not that smart, so full speed ahead.

I leave you in the capable hands of my co-bloggers, who might actually be tempted to post something. Maybe. Probably not.

I also leave you with the following two promises:

1. The words "Vichy-loving" will come out of my mouth at least once on Bastille Day, when Camille and I will be in Paris

2. I will pioneer the use of Fraspanglish (French when I can manage it, Spanish when I forget words or phrases, English when all else fails, and in Germany). Look for the UN to adopt it as the official language of international diplomacy in a year or so.

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