VIOLATION OF THE BLOG HIATUS #3: Oh kids, it's that time of year again--the greatest sporting event in the world is gearing up, and it turns out that my man for this year (Joseba Beloki) is sitting the Tour out to focus on the Vuelta a Espana (loser). We're getting the same "Jan Ullrich's not going to screw it up this year" propaganda we always get*, which means it's pretty likely he'll screw it up.

Bad things about being in Europe: I won't have time to watch whole stages (5 hours or so, sometimes longer in the mountains) as I have for the past several years.

Good things about being in Europe: I have an automatic start to every conversation: how does the General Classification look today?

*OLN just compared Ullrich to the Red Sox. God bless those Canadianeses, eh?

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