LINK: Dan Drezner discusses the Democrats' tendency to exploit African-Americans in their convention speechmaking, as part of a discussion of Barack Obama's speech last night.

I also read the speech, which was exactly the sort of post-Reagan and Clinton lovefest you'd expect:

1. Something upbeat and personal
2. A homespun anecdote about parents/grandparents etc, preferably happy and involving working to achieve their dreams
3. A reference to presumably real people the speaker has met at some point, to show he's in touch with the common people and actually pays attention when people talk to him.
4. A veiled reference to how the other side is pure evil (my fav from Barack: "And out of this long political darkness a brighter day will come.")
5. An insistence that, really and truly, electing him and his side will result is puppies running through fields and rainbows and feeling like you're a kid again.

(repeat as needed)

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