LINK: Nice little write-up in the Weekly Standard on that movie that makes fun of evangelical Christians. I do appreciate being portrayed as ignorant, prejudiced, and stupid as much as the next person...

As it so happens, I read The Gods Will Have Blood by Anatole France this past weekend, and for as much as it lampoons the clergy and distrusts the bases for Christianity, it does a pretty good job of portraying the shortcomings of anti-religious attitudes (the atheist character, in the end, is worried about the possibility that he's right, but even more worried that he might be wrong, which seems a pretty fair way to put it). That sort of evenhandedness, however, is very out of fashion these days, because you know us evangelicals--we'd put the ten commandments in every room of every building in America and laugh heartily at all the women who can't get abortions and gay couples that can't get married.

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