LINK: Matt Yglesias on Bill Clinton's biography:

"Which is to say that I'm a political junkie, and so the story of how a young, smart, ambitious guy gut involved in politics, ran and lost a House race, then became Attorney-General, then governor, then lost, then became governor again, then got re-elected and began involving himself in national politics, etc. is pretty fascinating. Maybe things all go to hell when we get to the White House years and the self-serving factor jacks up, but maybe not.

Of course memoires and autobiographies are never really truly interesting books compared with proper, well-researched biographies, but we'll need to wait a while..."

...or he could go and read Hanes Walton's book on all of those topics, which has the benefit of also being a not-bad social-scientific account of all those things, as well. Plus, there's a reasonable chance Hanes doesn't have the same incentive to, um, be creative with the story.

Yes, I'm pimping for a former professor. What of it?

(see also the collected wit and wisdom of Hanes Walton: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here)

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