Fever Pitch
In which a child from a broken home responds to his devastation by becoming an Arsenal fan, one can only presume through Stockholm Syndrome. (I take it as a sign that my Spurs fandom is rooting than I cannot abide anything having to do with Arsenal)
More concretely: it was very strange to watch this movie, which has so many of the same elements as that other Nick Hornby property I know well, High Fidelity. Absent father, emotionally distant mother, woman who attempts to drag man-child into adulthood, unknown pregnancy, obsession with something generally considered juvenile, even the emotional beats--almost every one of them the same, just in a different order. I was even confused, as I was in High Fidelity, just why the woman takes the man back at the end. Let's just say that it's hard to imagine how this might've been a success as a film if it did not star a young Colin Firth.

Groundhog Day
A Troester family favorite, watched many times. Noticed this time around: when Phil is attempting to woo Rita the first time by learning everything he can about her, he always loses her when he accidentally makes a joke about something he shouldn't. Some of those instances make sense--people have weird majors in college, and it's probably best not to immediately make fun of that when attempting to impress someone--but some of them cast her as utterly humorless. Even if one did only toast to world peace (*rolls eyes*), would a normal person be so offended by the fact that someone else didn't correctly guess that they only toast to world peace as to render further conversation unwelcome or unproductive?

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