Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 Crystal Palace
I'm new to club football, but I've been under the impression that teams that are in contention for Champions League (ie the top four teams in the Premiership) should not be losing to teams that are in danger of being relegated. I'm also not a person to complain about the quality of refereeing, but it left much to be desired in this match--though both sides benefitted from questionable calls. There's not much to say except Spurs still look to be playing like a team, particularly with inspired midfield play, and Harry Kane can do whatever he wants, still. And this is still without the addition of DeAndre Yedlin, who is playing for the under-21 team at the moment and is expected to join the first team once he's match fit. The game was, in its own way, the platonic opposite of a Michigan loss--one that I was pretty content to watch through to the end.

Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle, watched until Chelsea went up 2-0
Chelsea may have won, but they certainly didn't look the better team for most of the match, which is not the result you're looking for when playing against a team whose manager quit in disgust midweek. Jose Mourinho schadenfreude meter: moderate.

Ohio State, national champions
Two things to note:
1. People who talk about Urban Meyer's "new dynasty" should probably remember how long the old one lasted: 2005-2008
2. Ohio State coaches are only ever fired (Earle Bruce, John Cooper) or resign in disgrace (Woody "punched a player" Hayes, Jim "people can get records of my email?" Tressel). Which one will Meyer be?

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