In Which the AV Club Becomes the Slate of Pop Culture

"I Hate the video for 'Everybody Hurts' because I have never seen 8 1/2 and therefore don't understand it's a reference. R.E.M. is also not kind enough to explain the reference to me so I can feel cool for getting it, almost like they expect me to just have some basic pieces of cultural knowledge; I am therefore unable to glean any useful knowledge from Fellini that might contribute to my understanding of the music video. And, come on, am I supposed to have to think about a music video?!

...could I have some space on your nationally-trafficked website to broadcast my ignorance? Thanks."



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Katherine said...

From the interview: "I have really bad taste in music..." Mystery solved.
P.S. Didn't Michael Stipe famously say that "Shiny, Happy People" was an abortion?