A few years ago, the AV Club ran a primer on Patsy Cline, and it was in the course of reading it that I realized that reading about her historical background is the same as reading about my grandparents' historical background, since they were alive at pretty much the same time--my grandmother was born two years after Cline--and, so far as I can tell, would have belonged to approximately the same social demographic, if not the same social circles. Consequently this was of great interest to me.

It's odd, being able to find out something of your own family's history from reading the history of a famous person, like being one of Rosencrantz's relatives who just happens to come across a summary of Hamlet that includes a bit of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, you know, for color.

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Katherine said...

"Northerners came in." Hahaha! Your grandparents were Patsy's contemporaries--even worked on the same block. And the struggle they all faced and the divisions in the town? Very, very real.