Munger speaks the truth:

"And the best thing... there is not one shred of that awful sound abortion, RUSH, anywhere on the site. Because the only principle Rush illustrates is that even functionally deaf people will apparently still buy music"

I may get older, and my tastes in music may change, but prog rock will always be, and have been, a musical mistake. Liking Rush is like liking communism, an analogy I choose intentionally to offend both Rush fans and communists.

...I sort of feel bad for the communists, though. Leon Trotsky wasn't so bad after he got kicked out, right? And the early Khrushchev years, before he went all corporate and sold out. And, uh, you could possibly argue that things weren't definitely going to be bad before 1921 and the Tenth Party Congress and Kronstadt and the New Economic Plan.

...wait. What was this post about again?

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