Adventures in Commuting, Winter Edition:

I like to make fun of North Carolina for freaking out every time it snows. (Last week it snowed in Durham--approximately half an inch--and Facebook was filled with people who thought this was just the best, weirdest thing ever.) As it turns out, Chicago has a way of freaking out when it snows, too: if the plows and salt trucks haven't been out, everything--and I do mean everything--grinds to a halt. Unfortunately for me, this is exactly what happened on Monday morning, where the Illinois Department of Transportation somehow missed that it was going to snow during rush hour and consequently did not bother to salt or plow. Result: morning commute takes 2.5 hours to go approximately 40 miles. That's an even 16 mph average.

This is all a roundabout way of saying I find this to be quite plausible.

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