Adventures in Commuting:

* There is never a good reason to spend seven-plus hours of your life at an airport, though getting to go home just barely qualifies. Bonus travel protip: alcohol (in moderation) works as an effective separator of emotions from intellect in those instances where THEY JUST TOLD YOU AGAIN THAT THEY WILL MAKE A DECISION ABOUT WHEN TO BOARD IN AN HOUR, AGAIN. You will be aware that you're upset about it, but you won't care.

* The new commute, after a few goes: shorter, which allows me to wake up at the civilized hour of 6:00am and arrive in time to prepare for class. Always takes less time, even if barely less in some (many) instances. The real sacrifice, as it turns out, is view: the drive from 94 in to Lake Shore Drive was: the wilderness of northern Illinois, a brief slice of north-side Chicago, and then the world's most beautiful drive (in surprisingly low-traffic conditions) heading south on Lake Shore Drive. Repeated for effect: the world's most beautiful drive. (Ironically, driving north is significantly worse.) The drive on 90: mostly on a submerged highway with trains running by periodically, and then an uninspiring 'skyline' view and terrible traffic.

* Also: I am oddly fascinated with the super-bright electronic billboard that serves as a memorial for (all caps) KYLE DEATHRAGE, which is apparently actually his last night, and no, he's not an action hero.

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