Even as someone who thinks "don't go to grad school"* is solid advice for almost everyone, Ron Rosenbaum provided the dumbest possible reason for thinking so. His advice duly mocked here.

*i.e. "don't go to grad school if you want an academic job," since there's no guarantee of that, and probably less of a guarantee than being underpaid for many years is worth. All students' milage may vary, and I certainly wouldn't have listened to someone who told me that (or, more honestly, have understood exactly what it meant, 21 year olds not being notoriously good long-term planners, and therefore not having a good grasp of what they'll want at 28). On the whole, though, and especially for students who could probably hack it but could do so with something else, there's still not enough 'don't go to grad school' around.

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