I have a lot of respect for Joe Carter, but, seriously: if you haven't read the book, don't talk about it, because you're not in a position to judge whether the critical views are correct in their treatment of the book, or whether the people who praise it have somehow lapsed in their otherwise fine judgment (and, really, their quote-unquote otherwise fine judgment should probably give pause in dismissing their praise).


Joe Carter said...

Fair point. And you're right. Now that I have read the book I realize that I was being way to generous to the people who were praising the book. It's an absolute travesty. I honestly cannot believe the scholars who praised the book actually read it—at least not closely. The truly should be ashamed of lending their good names to such trash.

And the people who were criticizing the book were being far too generous. I'm not sure why they were so easy on Evans since she is using her platform to spread dishonest impressions about what many good Christians believe.

However, you are right: I should have waited to read the book first be I spoke.

Joe Carter said...

Aack. Just noticed the typos and redundancies in my previous comment. But maybe it's worth repeating how generous I was to those who criticized the book. ; )