Adventures in Commuting:

* Further evidence for the thesis that planning has nothing to do with anything: left at the usual time, and the first leg of the trip went significantly faster than usual: fewer other cars, hit fewer lights, etc. Total time savings: seven minutes, maximum. Which were promptly lost on the next leg of the trip.

* My super-secret return trip strategy: take the expressway. Even in the middle of rush hour, it's faster, since most of the traffic is getting off on 290 or 90. Why this is not true on my commute in is a subject for further theorizing.

* Signs I have begun to integrate: I periodically switch over to the radio for a traffic report, which is a blistering 90-seconds or so of road names (rather than numbers) and times it takes to get from one exit to another, also expressed as names. I can now follow approximately 80% of it, and know from the times given whether it constitutes jammed traffic or not.

* Monetary matters: the coffee-at-home oatmeal-at-the-office routine has held strong, in part because leaving prior to 6:00 leaves me uninterested in anything more elaborate. Lunch remains a problem: I can't convince myself it's worth it to bring something from home, so I go out. At least there are no shortage of food trucks on Ellis who will sell me a(n unhealthy) lunch for not-very-much. Alas.

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