This is not an analogy:

One of the things I found strangest in the aftermath of Michigan football's loss to Alabama is that the person who came in for the most criticism was Rich Rodriguez, a.k.a. the guy who has not been Michigan's football coach for 18 months. It's the fact that he recruited not-very-good players, you see, that prevented Michigan from competing well, and not any problem on the part of the present coaches. By contrast, Rodriguez deserved none of the credit for last year's team going 11-2, and his attempts to claim that the team would have done similarly well had he still been coach were met with derision, because obviously that team's successful record was attributable to the current coaching staff. How Hoke can get the credit for 2011 but none of the blame when things go wrong in 2012 is truly baffling, but that's fandom for you.

(Actually not an analogy: I do think the coaching level has improved, but Michigan fans have just hit the period in which it becomes obvious their coaches are just very good, and not geniuses. They cannot, by and large, admit this to themselves right now (preferred coping technique: "I'm just waiting for 2014/2015, then we'll be awesome"), but they've realized it.)

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