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So much of our lives is transient, people we know for a year or two, a house we lived in for a while. But those things don’t change with you, they change independently of you. And those things that are constant are those inanimate things that do not change. The books, the furniture, the objects of our lives, those things are static even as we change around them. But when you share life with someone, when you have a partner for the decades, you no longer change alone. The lonely change of life becomes the evolution of a pair.
Which is the appeal of Yo La Tengo: slow songs about life together in all its banality, but where the sheer number of all those moments becomes something sublime.

It's also the comedy of the moment, attempting to consciously excise mental expressions of 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend' for 'fianc' with the proper number of e's (grammatically monstrous, I know, but I'm not sure how else to represent this), and that is itself just a temporary stop on the way to something else.

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