Normally I would let "OMG a pregnant woman CEO!" pass without comment, but the note included here walks right into a joke:

SHE’S THE CEO. How much time can a CEO take off? What if she decides to have four kids in six or seven years? Should she take six or eight months off for each one? Isn’t it problematic to have your big cheese off for two out of seven years? What kind of CEO says, “That would be fine… you wouldn’t need me.”

...Mitt Romney! Nailed it. (This in no way constitutes an opinion on the Bain thing. It's just too easy.)

Related: who has four kids in six years? The underlying cultural assumption (women want ALL THE BABIES) is unjustifiable, but probably a good example to share with the person who did not believe me that being of child-bearing years, and having interest in baring children, makes a woman a 'less serious' candidate for a lot of jobs.


Katherine said...

Who has 4 kids in 6 years? From what I've observed, it's a woman who's deferred having children to build her career, who, around age 35, realizes it's now or never. If she wants several children she pops them out in rapid succession, thereby minimizing her absence from the workplace. I agree with The Atlantic article you alluded to weeks ago--it's not the woman's commitment to her work that's problematic, it's the structure of the workplace and the scant value given to an employee's homelife.

rosebriar said...

Yes yes and yes. I think the only way to create true workplace equality is to start with workplace flexibility.