I have been moving, and up until the last week or so was using my Wii and Netflix Instant to keep myself entertained. I made the mistake of choosing the latter seasons of How I Met Your Mother to do so. While the first two seasons maintain a reasonable level of quality, the latter several do not (in the early days, we used to call this tonal inconsistency "How I Met Your Mother v. The Sitcom." The Sitcom won). In the course of watching, there is an episode in which one of the present-day characters is talking to the freshman college version of her husband (don't ask) who hopes that one day Jane's Addiction will get back together; the wife informs him that they have, and lies about the quality of their new music. Lame plot device, but what's the point?

The characters supposedly started college in 1996 or 1997 (can't remember, don't want to look it up). Jane's Addiction reunited for the first time in 1997, i.e. at the time said character was wishing the band would get back together. Maddening.

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