It requires a certain (high) level of mental and emotional balance to maintain equilibrium when things are not going your way. This is as fine an example of that as I can imagine:

Here’s the thing: People are fallible, and people are sinful, but most of us aren’t just purely evil. The people who oppose you on this or any issue are complex people who, in most cases, just haven’t fully understood where you’re coming from or why it’s important. If you dismiss them as evil/bigoted/homophobic/stupid/whatever, what you’ve just done is to destroy your own ability to change their minds. The only effective way to change people’s minds is to first do the work to understand where they’re coming from and then work to educate them about the things they don’t yet understand.

It's disappointing to see how many people have failed at just this thing after Amendment One passed. This applies equally to my liberal friends who equate religious belief with bigotry, and my conservative friends who have taken the occasion of a substantial electoral victory to declare themselves a persecuted minority and behave in a most ungracious and arrogant manner.

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