When it's 11:00 and you've written 4000+ words in the last two days and need that one last little push to finish a draft, you go with whatever works. Saturday night, an impromptu Iggy Pop itunes playlist was that 'whatever.'

Iggy's a strange figure in rock music. I knew him first as Nona F. Mecklenberg's father on The Adventures of Pete and Pete, where he pulled off 'frazzled suburban dad' surprisingly well. He's also the guy responsible for my favorite letter of note. He sort-of invented punk; he was friends with David Bowie and Lou Reed. He's from Michigan, which allows me to forgive him everything.

"Nightclubbing" I first encountered on the Trainspotting soundtrack, same as "Lust for Life," but "Nightclubbing" shows the influence of Bowie at one of his more creative periods and ends up the more interesting track. (More interesting--not better. "Lust for Life" is a destroyer of worlds, and still on the very short list of songs I play before I go out for the evening.)

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rosebriar said...

I like his version of "Louie, Louie" too. I agree that "Lust for Life" is still the best, though. :-)