What to say? Chicago looked beautiful.

More substantively: it was too long, and a little too in love with its own violence. By far my least favorite thing, though, was the way the script kept telegraphing the themes. Were you aware, dear reader, that the scene with the two barges that could've blown each other up was meant to represent the fundamental decency of average citizen? If not, Batman was there to tell you. And the people on the barges. And Commissioner Gordon. If you somehow didn't catch that the Joker wanted to drag Harvey Dent down to his level, they said it at least four times. It would have been better if they'd trusted their viewers a little more.


FLG said...

Nevertheless, it's still the best comic book movie made so far.

Mungowitz said...

You are just NOW posting a review of Dark Knight? Really?

Nicholas said...

Mungowitz: Really. I grew up listening to punk music: I distrust virtually everything that's popular.

FLG: Were I so inclined, I think I could make a case for either of the first two Spider-Man movies, or the second X-Men. The unfortunate difficulty of comic book movies is that they're long: very few 2-hour movies wouldn't be improved by being 90 minutes.