POKING THE BEAR: The Divinity School sent me yet another email on the book they claim I haven't returned, telling me that they will give me the fine ($125) they have already given me if I don't. My reply:

Dear xxxxxxxx,

We have had past correspondence on this matter. I do not have the book. I returned it a week after it was recalled, which was as soon as I realized it was needed back, since I received no first notice concerning its recall. The book has been lost by someone within the library system (I returned the book to Perkins). In any event, I do not have the book--I have already returned it--and so cannot return it again. If there is something more I can do to establish that I do not have the book (I have looked at the stacks but do not have access to any of the backstage library areas, thus the library could have the book even if I can't find it on the shelf) please let me know


This is exactly the same thing I've said in the seven previous emails on this topic. I will use foul language if they ask me about it again.

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Chris Lawrence said...

These are the times it's good to have a department chair. Bug the Mungowitz and it will be Taken Care Of.