LINK: Carrie Brownstein on changing your music to fit the seasons. A sample:

In fall and winter, the music must elevate. It doesn't have to cause elation the way it does in the summer months; it merely has to give lift to my head on dreary mornings. I also seem to prefer a tune analogous to the weather -- an enhancer rather than a contrast...

I make this shift (the cds in my car changed just before my last road trip), and I agree with the general point. The heat in North Carolina gets so oppressive by August that it's difficult to listen to anything that is not loud or fast--there's no room for subtlety. Fall is many of my favorite albums--Bryter Layter, Unhalfbricking (and I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight), Billy Breathes (yes yes, I know, but I listened to it a lot my senior year of high school), Songs from Northern Britain, etc etc.

And, since it's October 1st, this; I like the idea of a song that attaches itself to a particular time of the year, something that gets lost once you cross a certain point. Also, it's a great song, if not one that's ever been applicable to my life--I doubt I could make a living out of playing pool.

At some point, I'll post something about The Smiths, and Morrissey's ability to write lines that sound good but are pretty clearly wrong. The one I have in mind is from "Panic": "Burn down the disco/ hang the blessed DJ/ because the music that they constantly play/ it says nothing to me about my life." As I said, "Maggie May" has never really applied to my life; but then, I've never murdered a pawnbroker, and I liked Crime and Punishment. Sometimes you just like things because they're good.

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