YOUR TEN-MINUTE (OR MORE) DISTRACTION OF THE WEEK: Via Alex Massie, the World Names Profiler, which allows you to see the relative frequency of your surname across a large-ish portion of the world. Interesting facts I learned:

* The highest concentration of Troesters in the US is found in Nebraska.

* In Germany, the highest number is in Baden-Wurttemburg

* As the stories I've been told would indicate, there are a fair number of Troesters in Lorraine, though none in Alsace (A-L is the place from which my ancestors emigrated)

* Though the name Troester derives from the German tröst ("to comfort"), the origins of the name appear to be Romanian (thus lending credence to the sometimes-claim that we are as much as 3/4 Romanian). More research will have to be done on that one.

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Dara said...

I think it's appropriate that your name means "comfort."