WELL: The book situation has been resolved, if by 'resolved' you mean 'the book was in the stacks, where else would it be?' I am resisting the urge to send the email I want to send, hoping that quiet will get the fine dismissed that much faster.

UPDATE: Well, it's the book. Except it's not the book. It's the other copy of the book. It's fire and brimstone time, people.

I should be clear this is not a rant against the library system as such, which has been very good to me and my large-ish volume of books I have out at any one time. It's just--how do you prove you don't have something you don't have, especially when it could be either mis-shelved in the stacks or in one of the many, large backstage areas I don't have access to? Bureaucracy, man.


Dara said...

Innocent until proven guilty!

bourkereport said...

"how do you prove you don't have something you don't have"

I know this could prompt a number of legitimate defenses (primarily that you've always made a different argument), but I can't resist the temptation of pointing out how ironic it is for an Iraq war supporter to notice the difficulty there.

Nicholas said...

...and if I had kicked out a library commission years earlier that was trying to determine if I had the book or not, that'd be an excellent analogy.