LINKS: Pointed out by friends, passed on to you:

* Obama's new commercial for Michigan, highlighting that McCain owns three foreign cars. Only people from my home state could possibly get worked up about this (and really, they could only get worked up about it if it's 1978). My suggested response ad: "McCain owns ten American-made cars; Barack Obama only owns one. And it's a hybrid."

* One of my friends is on the market this year, and his wife has already expressed a desire to own goats and a llama wherever they end up. She just sent me a link to this, obviously very happy.


Anonymous said...

While I think it a little silly to equate where your car comes from with actually wanting to help Michigan, I don't understand how Obama owning only one car, and a hybrid at that, is a mark against him. While owning 13 cars, wherever they come from, is excessive, at best. :-\


Nicholas said...

strictly in terms of helping the local economy, McCain's done ten times as much for Michigan as Obama. And everyone knows hybrids are communist.