SONG FOR THE EVENING: This came up on my ipod today. It's from the great Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, and is probably the last great song Jeff Tweedy did before he felt the need to stop writing songs with identifiable melodies.

I like the song because it reminds me of my old days in bands* (and it so happens that the guitarist for many of the instantiations of those bands lives in Chapel Hill, as I just discovered). One memory in particular: walking about 10 miles or so across town with my best friend (now a poet, or so I hear), mid-July, in order to listen to some bands play at one of the local parks. We're sitting on the side of a hill with some friends as the first band is tuning for a surprisingly long time... like around 20 minutes. At one point they stop tuning to say "alright, thanks for coming, here's our last song." Naturally, many jokes followed about the quality of their 'songs' (I may have made a Sonic Youth reference). Also, I should mention, the name of the band was Eggsnot. They ended their set by saying "Thank you! We are Eggsnot!" to which my friends and I shouted back "yes you are!"

Ah, youth.

*For the record, I was opposed to Kiss covers on principle, and, actually, none of the rest of it directly applies to my experience, but as far as the genre of 'songs about playing music' go, it's still way up there.

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