No big plans for the day: I'm off to Chicago on Wednesday, and will see family and friends while I'm there (through my conference). Today is finishing the novel I started yesterday (Graham Greene, The Heart of the Matter), reading something appropriate for the day (a little of N.T. Wright's The Resurrection of the Son of God), some music (Iris DeMent is serenading me in the background as I type), correspondence to a few people I want to see before I head out, or while I'm in Chicago, basketball, etc etc.

A little Iris DeMent for you to enjoy here.

And a properly Graham Greene sentiment for the day:

"Why, he wondered, swerving the car to avoid a dead pye-dog, do I love this place so much? Is it because here human nature hasn't had time to disguise itself? Nobody here could talk about a heaven on earth. Heaven remained rigidly in its proper place on the other side of death, and on this side flourished the injustices, the cruelties, the meannesses, that elsewhere people so cleverly hushed up. Here you could love human beings nearly as God loved them, knowing the worst: you didn't have to love a pose, a pretty dress, a sentiment artfully assumed."

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