Norm has a new poll up: top ten favorite English-language novelists. He explains:

Note that I ask for your favourites and not for those whom you consider to be the greatest (should the first group not coincide with the second).

You are allowed ten choices. Yes, ten. Isn't that generous of me? I ask you to submit a top three amongst them, with another seven for good measure. If you rank your top three, as you may but do not have to, they will be awarded 4, 3 and 2 points; and if you don't rank them, they will be awarded 3 points each. Your other seven choices will get 1 point each.

My favorite novels are heavily skewed towards what I have been reading lately (and I enjoy Russian and French in translation, limiting my options). Any list must include:

Elizabeth Taylor (who I think of as a mid-20th century Jane Austen, though more comfortable with unhappy endings)
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Ernest Hemingway
Graham Greene
Jane Austen

Dickens? Twain? Hawthorne? Joyce?

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