QUOTE: Chris Lawrence mentions in passing:

"the Democrats have had to resort to smearing... both Dick Cheney and George Bush as relapsed alcoholics."

I happened to be involved in a discussion of politics with people (who are unaware of my, shall we say, complicated political leanings, and so naturally assume that I totally agree with them) a few weeks ago where this particular bit was sort of cast into the conversation very matter-of-factly, and no one seemed troubled by a lack of, say, evidence it was true (unless you count some dodgy attempts at reading into body language and speech patterns). I understand that political affiliations are not particularly rational (I don't like John Kerry, never have, and I couldn't really give you a reason why; I've always felt the opposite way about John Edwards), and so I can accept irrational Bush-hatred, but it does occasionally boggle the mind what people let their political affiliations allow them to believe.

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