STRAUSS HOUSE: So the epic migration begins in earnest tomorrow (cliches, anyone?). Troesterean proverb #3:

No matter how hard you try, when you move, you will look like the Joad Family.

(I once told that to a friend who hadn't read The Grapes of Wrath. Even after I explained it to her, she didn't get it).

So fun grad school-type things will be beginning to happen, and they'll probably take up a larger portion of the blog than previously, since the linker thing is becoming much less fun (as I read more blogs though, oddly), and my thinker bits are likely to start looking a lot like me fishing for paper topics.

The above, just in case you're wondering, is what we decided we would call our house when we were all in Durham in March. None of us are actually Straussians, which is why it's funny (well, that's why we think it's funny, anyway).

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