LINKS: Dan Drezner on David Brooks' article on progressive conservatism. Maybe it's just my own anecdotal example, but Brooks lays out a program for government I can really get behind, which is probably another step on my slow march to permanently joining the republican party*.

In a similar vein, I'm one of those people who sees the next 10-20 years of American politics being dominated by the democratic party. But in the same way that Brooks points up the schism between conservatives and libertarians, it seems like the Democratic party has, within the last year, sown the seeds for it's own eventual fall--a lot of moderate and conservative democrats are taking a fall on some pretty important policy issues in order to get behind Kerry and the more traditionally liberal candidates this year. That's not going to last forever.

*I managed to move myself solidly into the 'independent' category, which is a pretty big step for someone who self-identified as a social democrat until about three years ago.

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