LINK: AAIO* goes apeshit over a Jonah Goldberg column pointing out that young people tend not to be especially well qualified on most measures of what we'd want voters to have. Not surprising stuff, nor is the reaction, but part of it deserves a little comment:

""Less money, less property" - we won't argue there. If you're a supporter of a white-male-landowner voting system, this is a compelling line of reasoning indeed."

Actually, this is probably the most important reason 18-24 year olds don't vote--politics is primarily set up along economic issues, not social ones. If you're not making much money and/or not particularly focused in your finances (I imagine marriage and children tend to bring those issues into sharpest relief), you shouldn't be surprised that there's at least some correlation between non-voting and being young.

Suffice to say, I think I can be relatively certain in guessing AAIO is not in the political science department at U of M.

*Incidentally, I was once asked if I was going to start a "Durham is Overrated" website. I would, but I think someone would have to overrate it first.

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