THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: From Michel de Montaigne, "An Apology for Raymond Sebond:"

"The laws you cite are by-laws: you have no conception of the Law of the Univese. You are subject to limits: restrict yourself to them, not God. He is not one of your equals; he is not a fellow-citizen or a companion. He has revealed a little of himself to you, but not so as to sink down to your petty level or make himself accountable for his power to you. The human body cannot fly up to clouds--that applies to you! The sun runs his ordered course and never stops still; the boundaries of sea and land can never be confounded; water is yielding and not solid; a material body cannot pass through a solid wall; a man cannot stay alive in a furnace; his body cannot be present in heaven, on earth, and in a thousand places at once*. It is for you that he made these laws; it is you who are restricted by them. God, if he pleases, can be free from all of them: he has made Christians witnesses to that fact. And in truth, since he is omnipotent, why should he restrict the measure of his power to definite limits?"

*Oh, those crazy Catholics...

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