QUOTE: Chris Lawrence:

"Yesterday in Ann Arbor was cold, rainy, and dreary—to the extent I actually had to switch on the heat in my apartment last night, lest I freeze to death (good thing I decided to have the gas switched on after all). Today, on the other hand, it’s around 80° and sunny, and supposed to stay in the 80s through the next week or so. Weird."

What Chris doesn't know is that this is the relatively stable portion of the year, weather-wise. In spring and fall, 40-degree shifts are, if not common, then common enough that no one notices them*. We just check the weather a lot more (one of the many reasons I'm happy to be moving to a more stable climate).

*I think my archetypal Michigan weather story is the day I went to class this winter where I bundled up as normal, went to class and returned as normal, and turned on the TV when home, only to discover that the temperature was hovering around 0, and every school in the area (even the Ann Arbor schools, which never close) was closed for the day. We just don't really notice these things after a while.

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