LINK: Norm on the fate of Harry's Place:

"This is very bad news. I've tried to get on to Harry's Place a few times today and failed. I now have an email from Harry that somehow the blog has vanished, along with the service provider, Bloghouse, and all the Harry's Place archives. Harry doesn't know if they have any chance of recovering the material but it looks very much as though they may have lost everything.

The person who took care of the hosting of Harry's Place was Kathy Kinsley. All her sites, Harry says, have vanished and her email no longer works. He asks me to say: if any blogger or reader knows how to contact her, please can you get in touch. Kathy is his only hope of recovering the material.

Also, Harry says that whatever happens, he hopes to have a blog up again in the near future, even if they have to start from scratch.

Can I appeal, for my own part, for anyone who can help to do so. (Others could perhaps spread this message.) Harry's Place is one of the very best of the British blogs. This is an awful blow."

People who can help, please do.

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